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Driving Lessons in Bourne

If you are wanting to save yourself loads of cash on your driving lessons in Bourne, then read on and be sure to pass the following on to everyone you know.

With the economy as it is, everyone is getting smart with their cash.  But the problem is, you just can’t go and buy a Test Pass Certificate; “if only” some might think.  As such, erase any thoughts of this being a product you are buying as cheap as possible, instead, start thinking that you are purchasing a service, and the service provided needs to be centred towards your needs of obtaining the Test Pass Certificate.  See the difference?  It will be you who earns the test pass, the service you are purchasing is all about developing you as a safe driver.

A very real example of this that truly cost me dearly, was when I was training to be a Driving Instructor.  I did not pay enough attention to the ‘service’ that was being offered to me, instead I was bamboozled by gloss and clever sales talk.  In real terms, it meant the length of time it took me to qualify was double what it could have been..... OUCH!  I should have asked how often I could train with them.  So I truly know how easy it is to fall into this trap – do not allow this to happen to you. 

It is tempting to think that to save money learning to drive you simply need to negotiate hard on the price of the driving lessons.  That’s looking at it like a product again.... not good.  The difference of £3 or so on individual lessons will stand for nothing if they are not delivered in a manner that suits your needs.

Passing your driving test is going to involve the transfer and development of knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes from Person A (your Driving Instructor) to Person B (you).  How effectively these are passed over to you is directly going to affect your success in learning to drive.  Not everyone is motivated to learning by a certain time, instead it may be to do with handling nerves or a learning difficulty, or lack of co-ordination for example.  In effect, the thing standing between your desire to learn to drive and your Test Pass Certificate is the relationship between you and your Driving Instructor.  Here we come to the crunch, this is the bit that is going to save you a whole bunch of cash.

In order for you to maximise the efficiency of your learning experience, it is vitally important that your Driving Instructor and yourself communicate really well.  An open and honest relationship is essential.  Without good communications, you might feel like you are not making progress, or your learning preferences are being ignored.... and if that is allowed to develop it can often result in more driving lessons than is necessary. 

Let me give you just one example.  A customer from Bourne came to me having spent over £2000 in driving lessons and driving tests – within 8 days she had her Test Pass Certificate in her hand.  She clearly was more than capable of passing the driving test, but the relationship between her and her Driving Instructor had deteriorated to the extent that her goal was actually getting further and further away.

So try to avoid looking at this like buying a product....if your cheap driving lessons are actually so ineffective that you are having to buy 4 times as many as you needed, then actually how “cheap” are they?

Whether you are about to start driving lessons or you may be some way through, it’s not too late to review them and ensure you effectively communicate your needs.  You stand little chance of getting the learning experience you need, if you simply think you are buying a driving lesson – you are actually buying a service, and the relationship with your Driving Instructor is key to the quality of that service.

This short blog attempts to highlight how you can save yourself £££'s by realising you are purchasing a service from a Driving Instructor and not a driving lesson.  If you have any questions, please ask away.


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