Friday, 1 September 2017

Authentic meaningful driving instructor training

One of the key ingredients for high quality driving instructor training is that the environment in which the training is undertaken is comfortable and meaningful for the trainee.  BIG TOM Driving School has long been making extensive use of online support for PDI's, as well as digital and non-digital resources and any in-car training utilises real pupils with high quality and well timed feedback as standard.

What this means in practical terms is that a trainee driving instructor is able to consider how they best like to learn, and adapt the training with BIG TOM so that the content within the learning environment is meaningful and learning is in fact taking place.  This may seem like an obvious pre-condition to driving instructor training but it should not be taken as a given.

PDI's have the option of choosing the format to their training and feeling assured that all training given is backed up with quality feedback and is being formally logged.  A PDI trained with BIG TOM is able to gain access to and demonstrate to the DVSA what training they have received, how it was conducted and the main learning points.

All in-car training is conducted 1:1 (PDI:trainer) and if a pupil is also required then it will be a real pupil and provided free of charge to the trainee driving instructor. 

Online support makes use of the power of "group learning" whereby Q&A within a friendly environment of peers creates a non-threatening and very convenient option for continued learning.  

Owner Tom Ingram says "The key for effective learning is in the diversity offered.  If there is one thing for everyone to now recognise post-lockdown, it is that we all can learn using different methods.  It does not need to be heavily weighted with in-car training.  Rather than training providers dictating to trainee driving instructors how they will learn, what my driving school offers is the power to be handed back to where it belongs.... the customer."

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